Tour managers in Poland

tour managers PolandWe are often asked about the difference between a tour guide and a tour manager. The answer is very easy: a tour guide's main task is to provide the tourist party with cultural and historical information about their destination. Most tour guides were born in the city they are working in - or at least they have been living there for a long time. What's more, in most countries, tour guides have to pass complicated exams and have solid specialized knowledge. Compared to a tour guide's, a tour manager's work is no easier one, but it is much different: tour managers travel with a tourist party so as to make sure their journey or sightseeing tour is taking place smoothly. He assumes the technical and administrative aspects of the travel - airport check-in, hotel check-in, settling appointments with the bus driver and the tour guide, etc. Most of the time, the tour manager travels with the group from the beginning to the end of their trip and he / she speaks both the tourist party's languages and the language (s) spoken in the region (s) or country / countries they are visiting.

The tour operator City Tours Poland is a subsidiary company of tour operator City Tours and enables its customers to hire experimented, highly-competent tour managers for transfers and sightseeing tours all over Poland or for bus trips anywhere in Europe. This service includes the following kinds of transportation services in Wroclaw, Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, or anywhere in Poland:

The Polish tour managers that co-operate with City Tours Poland are all professional tour managers with a solid formation, hard-wearing nerves, good manners, an exceptional management talent and motivation. If you need a tour manager for a bus transfer, a bus excursion or a bus trip in Poland, please feel free to send us a request at . We are looking forward to your email!